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*These services are typically performed on a monthly basis:

  • Oversee/Manage/Advise the accounting department & related functions. Evaluate for accuracy and effectiveness
  • Journals review & corrections
  • Oversee and assist, as needed, the accumulation and consolidation of all financial data necessary for an accurate accounting of total business results
  • Accurate period end closings to facilitate relevant and meaningful reporting and statement presentation
  • Align Revenues to Expenses(Fin. Reports are useless until revenues and expenses are matched/aligned in the proper periods)
  • Other accruals, adjustments, etc.
  • Manage & maintain the accounting system, coordinate with provider/developer as needed.
  • Internal Controls – Specify/Verify/Audit for effectiveness
  • Chart of accounts maintenance & oversight
  • Independent account reconciliations(good internal fraud control measure)
  • Coordinate with outside CPA


*These services are typically performed on a monthly or quarterly basis:

  • Full service bookkeeping
  • A/R collections procedure development & oversight
  • Independent account reconciliations
  • Sales tax oversight and assistance
  • Income tax liability estimates and funding plans
  • Recommend accounting function improvements, implement new processes where necessary
  • Insurance internal/external audits, earned premium monitoring & reporting
  • Oversee regulatory reporting
  • Tax Preparation(through partners)

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