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Profit By Design can engage its services at any point along the Accounting > Reporting > Financial Management progression (see illustration below). We typically engage at the “Advanced” stage of the accounting process, which assumes that the client company has a capable bookkeeper or controller who can accurately perform the majority of the basic and intermediate accounting tasks. Obviously, not every company is the same, so we’re happy to help you determine the optimal point of engagement of our services during the “needs analysis” process.



Accurate accounting that is compliant with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is the foundation of all of the CFO and financial management activities that follow it. In order to provide accurate and meaningful reporting, analysis, and financial management services from which effective decisions can be made, the accounting needs to be right. *Note that accounting records that are not in compliance with GAAP can also create issues with tax filings and the IRS.

We typically see clients encounter challenges at the “Advanced” stage of the Accounting > Reporting > Financial Management progression. In such cases, our engagement each period begins with a thorough review of the General Ledger, followed by any necessary corrections and adjustments.

Accounting & Controller Services


Once the accuracy of the books have been verified, your PBD CFO will prepare period-end financial reports and a written narrative, providing you with an accurate, user-oriented, easy-to-understand interpretation of financial results, from which effective, high-impact decisions and actions can be taken.

Companies that are intent on breaking through to the next level need more than just basic financial reporting (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements). You need to know exactly what your financials are telling you. You need to be able to forecast cash flow, borrowing needs and the financial viability of new ventures. You need to know where every dollar is going, how every hour is spent, and how efficiently every resource is being used. You need a financial leader to harvest the critical data your business generates, and to develop the key performance measures and reporting mechanisms needed to optimize your resources, your decisions, and your profits.

Profit By Design can fulfill these needs through a variety of customized solutions such as Budget & Variance reports, KPI(Key Performance Indicator) reports, Management Dashboard reports, Margin and Ratio analysis, and much more.

CFO & Financial Services


With over two decades of executive level experience, your PBD CFO is uniquely qualified to partner with, and support the CEO and his/her management team by bringing relevant expertise, clarity and value to major business decisions, the strategic planning process, organizational development, business process improvement, and many other areas essential to the success of the enterprise.

Management Support Services