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As businesses grow, they become more complicated to manage. And in today’s competitive environment, simply providing a good product or service at a fair price isn’t enough. You need to know where every dollar is going, how every hour is spent, and how efficiently every resource is being used. Your financials need to be right and you need to know what they are telling you. You need to be able to forecast cash flow, borrowing needs and the financial viability of new ventures. But the increasing complexities of monitoring operations and the day to day demands of managing the business don’t always allow you to keep tight control over everything. Consequently, there are missed opportunities and resource-consuming activities in the business that are “under the radar” and bleeding off profits.

Profit By Design can provide financial oversight, harvest the critical data your business generates, perform analysis and reporting, and provide you with the key performance measures and reporting you need to optimize your resources, your decisions, and your profits. Just as a pilot relies on his gauges, you need accurate & meaningful reporting and forecasting to monitor your business’ critical, profit-driving activities. Otherwise, you may be “flying blind”.


Has your company’s growth over-stretched the capabilities of your accounting staff? Would some assistance or oversight by a hands-on, highly qualified accounting and financial professional help?
Does it sometimes seem that your accounting department should be more effective, or could benefit from some process or procedural improvements?
Are your financials telling you one thing while your gut is telling you another? Do you wonder if the books are right?
Are you confident that your books are accurate and prepared in accordance with GAAP? If not, your financial reports are probably not telling you an accurate story about your company’s financial health. This can lead to misinformed and counter-productive decisions. (Non-GAAP is also non-compliant with the IRS)
Are your business decisions demanding more financial expertise and a deeper understanding of your operating metrics and finances than you or your current accounting staff can provide?
Are financial challenges, or the lack of a strong financial leader becoming a more persistent road-block to reaching the next level in your company’s success?
Are your profits and cash flow consistent and predictable, or are there “surprises” throughout the year that sometimes leave you scrambling for cash?
Do you know which products or services are driving profits and which are a drag on profits?
Do you have a budget, or a “spending plan” that prescribes company spending limits, and measures your company’s performance/variance vs. the plan each period?
Would the quality and effectiveness of your decisions be improved if you had customized, internal reporting that provided a better understanding of the key drivers of costs, cash flows, and profits, and a deeper understanding of your business’ financial condition?
Have you ever sensed that “something wasn’t right” with your company’s financial performance, but you didn’t know what questions to ask, where to look, or how to decipher the clues that might exist in your financials?
Are you spending less and less time on the things you do best, while financial and related duties are taking up more and more of your time? Are profit-making opportunities being lost as a result?
Do you have plans for growth or diversification, but lack the internal capability to perform viability analysis, break-even point analysis, cash flow and borrowing forecasts?
Are you thinking about an exit strategy, the preparations, and the financial expertise you’ll need to help get you there?
Is a financial leader the missing player on your executive team? Being a business leader is often a lonely existence. A CFO often serves as the CEO’s “decision-making partner”, providing relevant experience, expertise, clarity, and value to major business decisions and the strategic planning process.

If any of the above describes your current circumstances, your company would benefit from the addition of a Profit By Design CFO to your team. I encourage you to contact me for a no-cost, no-obligation needs analysis and see how Profit By Design can help your company reach the next level of success and profitability.

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