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One thing that many companies overlook as they grow is how they should handle their accounting. Most business owners understand the importance of having an effective HR team, and investing in marketing but when it comes to finance, the thought of hiring a Chief Financial Officer is something rarely comes up until the company is already hitting its own internal limitations.

Take Your Company to The Next Level With a CFO Los Angeles

I have encountered many Los Angeles based companies that are struggling to live up to their full potential because they do not have a good CFO who understands how to manage the company’s finances, create realistic budgets and optimize the company’s cash flow. A good chief financial officer can turn financial challenges into opportunities, and draw in highly desirable investors that would not be interested in working with a less organized company.

What Can a Chief Financial Officer Do For Your Los Angeles Company?

Hiring a chief financial officer is a big step for any business, but it is a worthwhile one, especially if you are serious about expanding your company. As a CEO or managing partner, you need to devote as much of your time and energy to managing your business as possible, and working on your own core competencies. If those core competencies are production, research and development, sales or networking, then why are you wasting your most valuable resource, time, on something that you can outsource to a better qualified person.

A chief financial officer can help you to identify holes in your cash flow, assess which products and services offered by your company are the biggest cash generators and which are holding you back, and confirm that your accounting to date has been accurate and consistent. All too often, disorganized or misguided accounting early on in a company’s life can come back to haunt the company during its first major audit or when it comes to seek investors. Don’t let that happen to your business.

Los Angeles is full of passionate, driven business people hoping that their specific combination of vision and skills can help them turn their company into a successful enterprise. If you fit that description, and your company has reached the stage where your accounting staff are struggling to keep up, or you feel that the thing holding you back is simply cash flow and management, then you should consider working with a CFO.

Profit by Design specialises in working with Los Angeles based companies and helping them to meet GAAP regulations, manage their cash flow, complete audits, and assess the financial situation of their companies. A good CFO is far more than just a book keeper; they are a valuable member of the company and a key part of any major decision making process. The right advice from a chief financial officer can be the difference between riches and ruin for your business. Your first month of working with Profit By Design is free, so why not get in touch and find out what a CFO can do for your company.

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